Rolls-Royce Owners' Club, Southeast Region

2024 Election of Officers

2024 Southeast Region Ballot
Member Name
Member Name
Our Nominating Committee recommends election of the following officers for 2024. Members may also write in other names for each position as indicated below. If willing to serve in a leadership position in our region, we are very anxious to hear from you! Thank you! Jeff Trepel & Suzie Phipps

Click the checkbox next to the nominated name to vote “yes”, or write in another name. Click the SUBMIT button to record your ballot.

Nominated Candidate
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Nominated Candidate
Martin Mayer
Vote For Nominated Chair
Vice-Chair/Activities Director
John Krolewski
Vote For Nominated Vice-Chair
Membership Director
Debby Davenport
Vote For Nominated Membership Director
Jack Kennard
Vote For Nominated Secretary
Avery Wise
Vote For Nominated Treasurer
Assistant Treasurer
John Witherington
Vote For Nominated Assistant Treasurer
Communications Director
Mark Meachem
Vote For Nominated Communications Director
Chief Judge
Peter Nikonovich
Vote For Nominated Chief Judge
Awards Director
Judy Alden
Vote For Nominated Awards Director
Scott Keith
Vote For Nominated Webmaster